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Free mod for the survival sandbox game

Valheim Plus is a mod for the Viking game, Valheim. The purpose of the mod is to improve Valheim's gameplay and quality of life. It includes a variety of main features, including in-game stat-modifiers for characters, objects, and entities, and a complex high-precision object-building and positioning system.

How to install Valheim Plus?

Valheim Plus is safe to download and use. While there is no official Valheim mod support, Valheim developer, Iron Gate, does not ban players who use third-party modifications. To install the program, extract the ZIP file from the Valheim root folder. Those that have a dedicated server will need to rename the game folder to ‘valheim_server_Data’ before sending the files to the server directory. For the uninitiated, Valheim is a game that combines survival and exploration elements. 

Inspired by Norse mythology and Viking culture, the action game takes you to a fantasy world where you must defeat the mighty beasts of the land. Only by winning against these beasts will you win favor from the gods of the Norse world. With Valheim Plus, you can share a map with your friends and bring them to parts of the land that they haven’t explored yet.

The program's advanced construction mode and advanced editing mode both provide tremendous benefits. Build-mode tools allow you to set up objects with far higher precision by shifting and rotating around whatever axis you choose. Advanced Edit mode allows you to move objects without damaging them. This is a significant change from the original game where you can potentially smash objects when you pass them.

To a better Valheim

Valheim Plus is a must have mod for Valheim players. The mod makes small changes to the game that instantly speeds up and improves your progress. First, you can connect with friends on a map so you can team up in one area at the same time. Second, you can develop your world without breaking items in the process; originally, you move or pass by an item and (somehow) destroy them. This mod will put an end to all that.


  • Shared map system
  • Advanced construction mode
  • Advanced edit mode
  • Approved by Iron Gate


  • Lacks mod support

Program available in other languages

Valheim Plus Mod for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 0.9.0
  • 5
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